Wednesday, 8 April 2015


hey there its Mariosa

So recently I have started to eat healthy and was watching Anna Saccone old videos if you don't know who she is I suggest you look her up after this post. Anna does videos called what I ate Wednesday and they really help me to eat healthy and get inspiration for food so I thought I would do the same only not entirely copy her  but blog about what I ate on Tuesday! So sorry for that long intro and let me get on with it.

This is just my weetibix I know three is a lot but your metabolism is highest in the morning so you burn fat easier. I just added some fresh milk, Swiss style muesli and a little bit of honey on top.

                             Midday snack 

These are mcvities breakfast oat bars with cranberries. These are generally for breakfast but who cares and there so filling also the cranberries make them extra nice.

 I was feeling pekish for dinner so I had noodles with onion,garlic, baby sweetcorn and tomato's with some sort of oyster sauce. I personally love noodles and today I decided I didn't want any meat.


 Around seven I ate a toasted sandwich which I always have since they are easy to make. I had mild pepperoni,onion,cheese and hummus which I absolutely adore. Since I have gone healthy its a sort of replacement of nutella which is the real bae of my life.

I also wanna say I drink water with every meal. Hope you enjoyed, have a great day and dont forget to follow my blog and share with friends it really helps me

By being yourself you put something in the world that was not there before


  1. Cool!

    The noodles look awesome! Also the sandwhich sounds good too.

    Water! Yay! I'm glad I'm not the only one who drinks water. Everybody says, "I hate water. I don't like the taste." But, um, water doesn't exactly have a taste. . . Also if you're thirsty, nothing else really satisfies that except water.

    I would say peanut butter is probably my staple. ;)

    1. Thank you noodles are my favorite. I love water how can you hate something if it has no taste and is amazing for your body. I love peanut butter too it's one of my staples too

  2. Dang, you eat so healthily haha! Your dinner looks especially delicious, yum! :-)

    1. not really this was just one of my motivated days where I want to eat healthy :)