Sunday, 1 May 2016


Nowadays there are so many trends going on some good some not so good but everyone wants to keep up with them, start their own trend and also keep up to date with all of them. Well don't worry I'm here help keep reading to see the big trends for this summer.

First trend that is hitting it big in the shops right now is high wasted bikinis . I personally like the look of these as they pull your stomach in . They were very big in the 1950s and now they are back hitting it big . I see them in all shops and in magazines and they make people's body look so curvy .curvy .

Another popular item that is coming into the scene at the moment are vintage sunglasses. They are a classic look and there are two main styles of these glasses and these are circular and then the originals.

Ripped denim is going to be so big this summer as I think we all expected as it has been an ongoing trend all year. Ripped shorts and jackets will be everywhere of the weather is good where you live.(unfortunately not for me)

Next is Bomber jackets. I am seeing these more and more lately and people are really rocking the look and for summer evening they are just perfect to throw on .

Summer staple shoes are Adidas superstars as we all know they are very trendy right now and any sport shoes in general as I know that the superstars are expensive and there are many other alternatives.

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Sunday, 20 March 2016


Hello it feels like forever since I wrote on this blog and this is not because I forget about but purely because I am in exam year and I find it hard to get the time. I thought I would just do a favorites as I haven't done one in a long time. Lately I have been loving room decor and makeup so that is most of what makes up this post.

Starting off with makeup the first product I love so much it has become my holy grail is the collection contour kit highlight and sculpt. I cant say say enough of good things about this product. It isn't that well known in the beauty world but I do remember a favorites video by zoella showing this product so  I gave it a go and I will be repurchasing it again.

Next product is also from the same brand. It is the collection eyes uncovered nude palette. This is a very pigmented product. It has nude and browns which are also handy and the glide on the brush very well. I like the packaging as it is small and easy to carry in your bag or travel.

Next product I actually used up I loved it so much it is  calvin klein one .  This is a very fresh scent and I adore it if you like citrus yet very fresh and a little masculine you should get this I love the bottle and how the names are so simple.

Next few pieces are just things I have loved the look of as that is the purpose of nails and room decor

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Sunday, 31 January 2016


Hey guys so today I wanted to do a post on nails as I never done a post on them before. I like to keep my nails maintained well so I thought I would share my tips and ideas      

1. If you bite your nails stop
    If you are in the habit of biting your nails consistently how do you expect them to grow? I know its hard to get out of it but you can distract yourself from your nails by chewing gum instead for example. A habit takes 3 weeks to get out of so that give your nails enough time to grow.

2.How to file your nails
  Filing your nails is a task most people do after they get out of the shower but NO. This is when the nail is  most week this means you could break it. Also never file your nails back and forward this weakens the nail and loosens it from its socket. Always file in one direction.

3. make them look long
    The darker your nail varnish the shorter your nails will look. Do you ever notice people who paint there nails white have longer looking nails than people who paint them black? It is an illusion and it works. Stick to bright colors and it will make your skin look more tanned also.

4. Dirt under nails
  I know how annoying it is when you can see dirt under your nails and you try to get it out with a pencil! We have all been there. To avoid this just wash your hands regularly you will be surprised how clean they will look.

5.  Vaseline
 Vaseline is a really good moisturizer for your fingers and also is a protection of water. Rub is near your nail and it leaves them moisturized and less likely to get hang nails.

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Sunday, 17 January 2016


Hey guys so sorry I haven't posted in so long. I wanted to take a break after the new year and I have been busy in school as it is an exam year for me. I thought that I would start 2016 with a motivation post. I will show you how to make 2016 your year.

I personally started 2016 very badly by not posting on here. So I would say be organised. If you are organised you wont get stressed, I think stress can effect our physical and mental health badly so keep on top of everything by setting reminders for yourself.

Do as much things as possible. Write a reasonable list of places you want to visit in the year and when so you know exactly when you are going and how you will fit them all in. This summer I want to do so much stuff with friends and family and hopefully the sun will come out.

IF you have a blog, youtube or a hobby you love really try your best. Set goals for yourself and if you push you will reach them and further. I wanted my blog to reach 40 followers in 2015 and I ended up reaching 225 followers. It is so amazing how if you put effort into something I promise people will notice.

Spend time with friends and family it is so important. I was thinking last week how lucky I am to have such good friends that if you do anything they are always there for me and if you haven't found those people yet that is ok you will.

Lastly if you are not happy with your life change it dont stick through it, yes you do make sacrifices for people and thats ok but if you truly are not happy with it change it because you can.

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Sunday, 27 December 2015


Today I thought I would show you what I got for Christmas as two people requested me to do this. I love reading and watching these kind of videos and blogs so I thought I would give it a try. I am not trying to brag about what I have got as I know there are people in this world less fortunate si do something nice for someone today. Without any delay her is what I got.

                                                          8 loleen makeup brushes

                                                           Black chunky heels

                                                     notebook and nail set

                                                            sunkisseed compact set

                                                    black skinny jeans with knee rips

                                                            pajamas from my aunt.

                                                           shazenger sports top

                                                                  H&M grey jumper

                                               sorbet new cotton pajamas

                                                 eos lip balm and zoella fizz bars from my friend

                                            owl hand warmer, white nail gel and bath set from friend

                            collection contour kit, gold sharpie and collection lip stick in china gold

                                        red fake nails and makeup bag with an m

                                                 nyx conceal correct and contour palette

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