Saturday, 28 November 2015


Today I wanted to show you some fashion trends I think are really nice for winter and what I see people wearing around this time of year. I feel like winter fashion is more fun as you can layer up and use dark colors.

Green jackets are so popular right now and rightly so. I have one myself and the really
give color to a plain outfit,

necked jumpers look so cute and really match anything everyone should have one
 in there wardrobe.

Boots are so nice and black boots are lovely but now its all about brown as it
isn't as harsh looking. I love timberlands

scarfs are just a real extra thats makes something look twice as good.
hats are great for keeping yourself wanna and stylish

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Friday, 20 November 2015


I thought I would do this post for any of you struggling for things to get for christmas. I am not saying that I will get all these things and I am perfectly fine without them so with out further a due lets get into it.

These are just some black chunky heels from river island . I have no heels and I like these becuase the don't have your feet directly vertical.

This mascara is just the I tried it once and it makes your lashes look false. I love the brand benefit in general so this was a no brainier.

I am just getting riding breeches for horse riding not sure where yet tho.

I also am getting these cute black jeans with knee rips because they are tumblr af.

Lastly I am getting a white duvet as I hate mine at the moment.

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Saturday, 14 November 2015


Nowadays I feel there is a big importance on exams. May this be class test or national level we are force to try our best. Here are some tips to help you learn and get the best out of yourself by studying

1. Have something to look forward to after you have studied. Say if you do 20 minutes of studying you can  have a chocolate bar. Or if you get through a week of studying you will treat yourself. Or every page you read you get a jelly.

2.As hard as it sounds you need to keep your phone out of sight. Out of sight out of mind. There more you go on it the longer you have to study.

3. Flash cards are an amazing way to learn if you struggle by just reading a paragraph. Put a question on one side and right the answer on the other so that you cant see the answer.

4. There are many learning apps out there and two of my favorite are quizlet and photo math. If you have trouble remembering definitions quizlet really helps, you can pick what learning style you like and right in what your personal answers are. Photo math is great if your stuck on a maths question. You just take a photo of it and it explains the process and conclusion.

5.Know what you are doing and understand your topic you are studying. Ask someone or google if you are unsure of something. Don't learn off a load of stuff if you don't know what it means.

6.Pretend to be a teacher. This is the most helpful to me. I use a ruler in my hand and I say out what I have read and see if I can say it. I repeat this until I have it learned off.

7. Use highlighters and colors. Things that are visual nice stay in our mind so dont be afraid to be creative with your learning process.

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Sunday, 8 November 2015


Today I thought I would show you my ootd and some pictures from my cycle. Winter has just started and I am so exited as Christmas is coming soon and also my birthday!! Although it wasn't you could still feel that winter breeze. I have got a bike for a few weeks now and I love it so much I can take myself to places on my own. Here are some snapshots and pictures!!

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Sunday, 1 November 2015


Today I thought I would show you my favorites bits I have from rimmel. I love the brand for its prices and quality so I decided this would be a sort of recommendations post.

First products is the very well known rimmel match perfection, this is something I have since forever. The consistency is amazing it is very light on the skin with light coverage I only say good things about this product.

Next thing I think is quiet new it is the rimmel brow this way eyebrow gel. I recently got this from my mom because it was to light on her brows. I never thought I would like a product like this. It gives a good effect to your brow and makes them look very natural unlike a pencil.

Also a new product is the wake me up mascara. I love the wand especially on this. This wand shape makes it very easy to apply. I wear it all the time and will most defiantly repurchase it.

Another foundation I love from rimmel is the lasting 25 hour. Not many people rave about this and I don't know why I love it to bits. I wore it 20 days straight before.  It gives so much coverage which I love and I don't have to worry about it coming off.

Last are the kate moss lipsticks they are what people say. They are soft,pigmented and stain powered. I love a lot of them but here are my favorite.

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