Friday, 23 October 2015


First way to feel good about yourself is to look around you. By this I mean look at other people they are only human too, so when they judge and pass remarks just remember there just human and they cant bring you down but you have to stop caring. You live once and in the future you will say to yourself why did I worry and care so much. I personally don't give a shit what people think. Yes if they are a teacher or a elder I show respect but people your age if they give look you a look, look them in the eye and just think how are they better than you.

Stop putting yourself down over things that you cant change if you did something and you cannot change it why worry?  When you get out of bed each morning think about what you love about yourself. If you cannot think of anything think compliment someone gave you. Motivation is key to loving yourself. Nobody can love you until you love yourself. Don't be afraid to talk about yourself. I love listening to people and their stories.

You live one and only once so why get caught up on things that don't matter? Live life to the fullest if you want to do something throw yourself at it and don't stop till you get what you want because if you really push yourself I guarantee you will make it.

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Thursday, 15 October 2015


So at my age I have slightly outgrown the whole trick or treat thing but I feel I want to do something spooky on Halloween so here are some ideas I like and thought of.

                               Halloween sleepover
If you are like me and are scared of horror movies have your friends over and watch scary movies with them. When you are with people you feel safe around you have no problem. You could all make Halloween treats and play truth or dare.

I recommend these Halloween treats video   eve bennetts Halloween treats

                                            Go with little kids to the houses
The title of this sounds a little creepy but if you have nothing better to do I am sure some kids parents are working and would much rather you to go around house to house than them. You might just get some free sweets yourself.

                                             Go to a ghost town or train
Nowadays they have haunted villages and fun fair for young people to go to. Where I live they have a ghost train that goes at 12pm at night. I always wanted to go on it.

                               Wear bold makeup
Halloween is perfect for wearing bold makeup you would normally feel is too risky or you feel self conscience in. Wear black lipstick  or dark eye shadow and if people ask tell them its Halloween makeup.

                             Go to a bonfire night
Go to a bonfire [ that is supervised and permitted] They can be
really fun and you listen to stories from each person. I went to one before and it was so fun we got hot dogs and chatted to friends.

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Friday, 9 October 2015


As teenagers or maybe adults we become very self conscience of our skin and it can effect ourself confidence in many ways and many levels. Here are some ways that may clear your skin and make it look clear and fresh.

Stick to your skincare routine. Don't just do it once a week or every month make sure you apply moisturizer at least once a day if not twice and wash your face with even just water. This just helps to get rid of the dead skin on your face you cant see.

Get a facial scrub. You can get them in any local drugstore or make your own with sugar and olive oil. Facial scrubs open your pours, get rid of black heads and make your face really smooth. My favorite one is the neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Daily Scrub. 

Protect your skin from the sun. I wear sunscreen all year round to prevent skin damage from rays. Even  if its not hot out the sun rays travel with the wind. The last thing you want is your skin peeling off.

Try not to wear makeup too much. I only wear makeup at the weekends if not one day a week. I find that if you don't wear it often spots don't come as easily.

Don't pot pimples. Just leave them if you are self conscience about them I would say put a bit of concealer over them I know I am contradicting myself but popping pimples is a thing that you will regret when you are left with scars on your face.

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Friday, 2 October 2015


Here is 5 ways to make your life easier and might save a bit of money. I always love to read these posts so I shared my personal favorites.

 If you want to keep your clothes to smell fresh or you are on holiday and they are bundled in a suitcase just put in a scented soap rapped in paper and your clothes will smell beautiful.

 I find this one so good just put all your dips or sauces in muffin tins. It look pretty good aswell.

  This one I discovered recently all you do is get a hair straighter and you can iron your collars of you shirt.

 You know when your eating an Oreo and it fall into the glass of milk? well stick a fork in the side and dip the Oreo in and it will come out in one piece.

I have never done this one but you know when you take out chewing gum you suddenly become the most popular person. Keep an empty chewing gum rapper in your bag and say to people that want any its all gone and show them the packet.

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