Thursday, 15 October 2015


So at my age I have slightly outgrown the whole trick or treat thing but I feel I want to do something spooky on Halloween so here are some ideas I like and thought of.

                               Halloween sleepover
If you are like me and are scared of horror movies have your friends over and watch scary movies with them. When you are with people you feel safe around you have no problem. You could all make Halloween treats and play truth or dare.

I recommend these Halloween treats video   eve bennetts Halloween treats

                                            Go with little kids to the houses
The title of this sounds a little creepy but if you have nothing better to do I am sure some kids parents are working and would much rather you to go around house to house than them. You might just get some free sweets yourself.

                                             Go to a ghost town or train
Nowadays they have haunted villages and fun fair for young people to go to. Where I live they have a ghost train that goes at 12pm at night. I always wanted to go on it.

                               Wear bold makeup
Halloween is perfect for wearing bold makeup you would normally feel is too risky or you feel self conscience in. Wear black lipstick  or dark eye shadow and if people ask tell them its Halloween makeup.

                             Go to a bonfire night
Go to a bonfire [ that is supervised and permitted] They can be
really fun and you listen to stories from each person. I went to one before and it was so fun we got hot dogs and chatted to friends.

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  1. So I am 18 and I still want to go tricker treating hopefully I can find a costume to make me look years younger. I'm so excited for fall things!