Friday, 25 September 2015


A few days ago I went to a field day in a little town that isn't too far away. The people from the area are quite artsy and laid back so I thought I would wear something a bit more laid back. It wasn't a field day as such as it wasn't in a field but in a really cool school that has a farm on it. The weather wasn't great but that doesn't bother me. Here a few pictures of my outfit which I thought was appropriate.

                                                         white top: primark
                                                         leggings: new look
                                                         flannel; torellis

Here is some of the architecture that I thought was pretty damn cool. I love architecture personally. I find it so interesting to look at unusual building. I had a great day wandering around and just having a nice afternoon. What are your plans for the weekend let me know in the comments.

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Saturday, 19 September 2015


Hey guys so this week I thought I would change it up a bit and make a more personal post about who
I am. I hope you enjoy.

1. My names Mariosa. Yes it is very weird, I embrace it.You pronounce it mar-ee-sa.

2.I am fourteen years old and my birthday is the 24th of December.

3. I have two dogs,one horse and two donkeys . Yes I love animals.
my donkeys 

4.My favorite song at the moment is shut-up and dance by walk the moon. I know it old but I just get
   in the mood with that song.

5. I legit hate school. The only reason I like it is because I like my friends without them it would be more of a nightmare that I can imagine.

6.I  go to an all girls school. There is another reason to hate school.

7. I play camoige [ hurling], hockey and basketball. I also like running at the weekend if I am bored.

8. I love youtube. Some of my favorites are zoella, sacconejolys and eve bennett. Youtube is a place I go that makes me happy. I always wanted to make videos I might do that some time in the future if you would like.

9. I have double jointed thumbs its really weird I can bend them back and make them click. It is kinda the only party trick I have.

10.My favorite colors are grey,blue and really pale pink. I always change my colors but I only wear black and white to be honest.

11. I started my blog on the 2nd on January but as you may noticed I don't have posts from them as I deleted them.

12. I have two sisters one older and one younger. I  am the middle child I hate it sometimes. I always wanted a brother but we all want what we cant have.

13. My favorite shows are neighbors and big bang theory. I am not a big tv person I prefer movies and WiFi.

14.Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith. Jessie J , Kodaline and lots more are my favorite artists.

15. I have never met any celebrities which is sad I hope to meet someone or go to a concert of some        sort.

16. I have been to Greece, Spain, Turkey, America, Canaries, England and Wales. I have been a few more places but I forgot some. I just love to travel and hope to do a lot of it in the summer.

17. I am the worse for making friends because I am so quiet with new people but when I know someone well I am pure bonkers.

18. I am getting a room makeover currently.I just want to keep it I have it very white and simple.

19.I  love just for hours to scroll through tumblr or we heart it photos.

20. I really want the person who is reading this to do 20 facts about you. I nominate you.

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Saturday, 5 September 2015


Hi guys,

Today I wanted to show you makeup products and beauty bits I really wanna try. I want so many makeup items but I narrowed it down a bit to a couple things I need in my life.

First product or palette is the one the only naked two palette. I have no products from urban decay and I thought if I had to get anything I would get this because I love the colors as they are natural.
I find the packaging sleek and a work of art.

Next item is something everyone raves on about. It is the benefit there real mascara. I have seem people who say this is there holy grail. I have not yet purchased any benefit products so I would choose this one if I had to.

Moving into a drugstore foundation that I think everyone has tried but me is the rimmel wake me up foundation. I have two rimmel foundations and I always run out of money to buy this. I think it is amazing I swatched a bit in the shop and oh my I love it.

Sleek is a brand I have never tried. I heard so much about their natural eye shadow palette. I looked at the colors they are so cute and nutral and looks like a great everyday colors.

Last but not least is the real techniques brushes. I see every single beauty guru,vlogger,blogger say they are amazing and I have been wanting a big fluffy brush for ages so I hope I will get one in the future,
my favorite brush 
 Thank you so much for reading and don't forget to tell e your makeup wants in the comments so I can add them to my list. If I buy any of these products I will be sure to review them for you all.

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015


School has started and you are probably here because you are up to your eye balls with stress well I am here to help, keep reading to fell relaxed and stress fee. These would also help people with anxiety.

Tea. You are probably thinking this doesn't work but it does. When you drink tea it makes you warm inside and chamomile and green tea contain flowers and natural herbs which relive stress.

Baths. take a bath and bring your tea with you if you want. Just use nice scented bath bombs or whatever you like. This makes you happy and feel comforted.

No radiation. Turn off your phone and stay away from social media. Watching a movie or listening to the radio is perfect as long as its not for hours on end.

Eat food low in sugar and salt. Although comfort food is so tempting when your feeling restless it will only bring up your blood pressure. Fruit is something I like to eat when stressed.

Animals. If you like animals ad have a dog or cat you can actually calm your self by stroking them for five minutes I always feel safe with my dogs so this always helps.

Talk. Tell someone you are stressed because they can help by letting you have a break or just sitting down for a bit.

Nature. Take a walk outside and just the fresh air makes you feel at peace and doing mediation or yoga can make your mind feel empty and focused

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