Friday, 25 September 2015


A few days ago I went to a field day in a little town that isn't too far away. The people from the area are quite artsy and laid back so I thought I would wear something a bit more laid back. It wasn't a field day as such as it wasn't in a field but in a really cool school that has a farm on it. The weather wasn't great but that doesn't bother me. Here a few pictures of my outfit which I thought was appropriate.

                                                         white top: primark
                                                         leggings: new look
                                                         flannel; torellis

Here is some of the architecture that I thought was pretty damn cool. I love architecture personally. I find it so interesting to look at unusual building. I had a great day wandering around and just having a nice afternoon. What are your plans for the weekend let me know in the comments.

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