Monday, 24 August 2015


It is that time of ear again where you need to put the head down and get working. Here are some of my ways to keep working through the pain and stress of it all.

Step 1 is if you stay organized you will be much more accessible to you. Starting is half the battle so know what you have to do and just organize it all in order so you get the job done. I organize by colors for each subject which really helps me and by highlighting. I have a post on school organization which I will link at the end.

Something that really helps me is to think when you finish studying there is a reward at the end. So normally when I finish I go shopping or eat some chocolate and it really helps me personally.

 Remember that now you are sitting not wanting to study but you will be so happy in the long run just think that after that math test or even finals that when your grade comes back you can say to yourself I got a great grade because I studied that but longer and harder.

Listening to music is something that makes me passionate so get into the mind set and listen to motivating songs I love to go on spotify and find playlist for studying there.

NO distractions will make you be done twice as quick. Close the door and just focus because one distraction can leave ten more minutes of studying so just remember that.

Always think of the positive sides of studying. You have new information that can help you, once you learn something you will never forget it and wont have to study it again.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


School is almost here and just the thought of it is making me want to cuddle up in my bed but life goes on and things change so I thought I would show you some organization tips to make your life that little bit easier.

Number one tip is to get a big folder with label pockets. These are the best school supply I ever bought. If you are one of those people like me who loose sheets all the time write every subject on each label and then place the sheets with the subject it is so easy and you can get these folders in any stationary shop for less than five euro.

Second thing I would say to do is use you journal or planner whatever you have to keep on top of everything. I like to stick my timetable into it so I know where I have to be next. I would also recommend putting a copy of your timetable on your locker so you can see what subjects you need to take out.

Best way to have a stress free school year is to finish the work. Do your homework as much as I hate it when I get home I always do it first because then its out of the way and you don't have to worry about your math or English or whatever it is.

Leave your food in your locker. I cant stress to you the amount of times I have spilled or squished my food in the bottom of my bag so I would advise to place your food in a lunch box and every morning in school leave it in your locker.

This dosent apply to me but if you wear your own clothes to school every week plan what you are going to wear each day. Write on each hanger the day of the week so you only have to pull out your outfit.

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Sunday, 2 August 2015


Today I thought I would share with you my most well known to work beauty tips that I always use. So lets just get in with this blog post. I will cover makeup,skincare, haircare.

1. Never over bronze, this is a mistake I have made in the past and you will just end up looking umpa lumpa when you were trying to go for the kim k look. Just apply your bronze to the places the sun naturally shines

2. Blend your neck. This is a common mistake that we all made once. Just even the foundation or whatever your doing with your neck.

3. Don't over fill your eyebrows. Oh my goodness I get so frustrated seeing girls with naturally light hair wearing a black eyebrow pencil and filling them in really heavy, remember natural is best.

4. Use the plastic comb of an eyebrow brush to unclump your mascara.

5 Apply with your pinky finger a little bit of white eye shadow to the inside of your eye to make them appear bigger.

6. Powder is a lip primer and matte. Apply powder as a lip primer and after applying apply powder for matte lips.

7.Moisturize your face before applying any makeup and wait about 10 minutes before makeup is put on.

8. Never ever sleep with makeup on you will regret it. Pimples spots and redness will start to appear.

9. Wear sunscreen every day keeps your skin like a babies and prevents long term skin problems.

10.Olive oil is a quicker easier type of moisturizer that applies more light and makes the skin feel silky.

11.Eat healthy and exercise daily to keep your body feeling good and when you feel good you look good.

12. People forget to mind their eyelashes. Putting Vaseline on your lashes keeps them long and curly.

13.For dry hair olive oil is the best serum.

14. Don't brush hair after getting out of the shower or whens it wet because that's when the hairs most vulnerable to fall out and this prevents hair growth.

15. Less heat the better. Heat damages the hair all over and turns it to straw over time.

16. If you are using heat on your hair make sure to apply heat protection first.

17. Best beauty tip is to smile and be confident in yourself.

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These days I find myself making the extra effort to make sure my pictures match the theme of my Instagram. Some of you lovely people wanted me to show you how to get your aesthetic of fleek like me ahahahaha only joking mine is terrible but I am showing you anyway.

So there is a few steps you need to take in order to get the aesthetic the way you want it, they go as follows,

1 theme

This is how you can make your Instagram different from others. You can find many themes as you can see from the photos on this post and it mostly depends on filters and style of your photos. I just post random pictures but I always use the same filter so that it fits like an album with my other photos.

2 definition

Picking filters can change your Instagram hugely. Dark colors can give you that grungy look and over exposure gives you that girly look. Personally I go somewhere in between. You can also make one color stand out from the rest in each photo which looks really awesome.

3 style

People generally post certain photos on their Instagram. Some people post nature others like to put up pictures of recent events there is a big variety and you don't have to do this.

4 random

Post shit you want to post don't care what other people think. In the words of troye sivan " stop caring if people say you post tumblr shit"

Hope you enjoyed this little post have a great day and dont forget to follow my blog for more.