Sunday, 2 August 2015


These days I find myself making the extra effort to make sure my pictures match the theme of my Instagram. Some of you lovely people wanted me to show you how to get your aesthetic of fleek like me ahahahaha only joking mine is terrible but I am showing you anyway.

So there is a few steps you need to take in order to get the aesthetic the way you want it, they go as follows,

1 theme

This is how you can make your Instagram different from others. You can find many themes as you can see from the photos on this post and it mostly depends on filters and style of your photos. I just post random pictures but I always use the same filter so that it fits like an album with my other photos.

2 definition

Picking filters can change your Instagram hugely. Dark colors can give you that grungy look and over exposure gives you that girly look. Personally I go somewhere in between. You can also make one color stand out from the rest in each photo which looks really awesome.

3 style

People generally post certain photos on their Instagram. Some people post nature others like to put up pictures of recent events there is a big variety and you don't have to do this.

4 random

Post shit you want to post don't care what other people think. In the words of troye sivan " stop caring if people say you post tumblr shit"

Hope you enjoyed this little post have a great day and dont forget to follow my blog for more.


  1. This post was nice! I try to get an instagram theme but sometimes I'll use the wrong filter or something. Ugh the struggle, haha.

    1. ya I know how you feel thank you for the lovely comment

  2. Great tips for Instagram! I feel as I've given up on using a theme on mine, to much to think about and little time. I do like the same filter idea, however

    1. Yes I am a person who tries for a day then gives up the struggle is real

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