Saturday, 28 November 2015


Today I wanted to show you some fashion trends I think are really nice for winter and what I see people wearing around this time of year. I feel like winter fashion is more fun as you can layer up and use dark colors.

Green jackets are so popular right now and rightly so. I have one myself and the really
give color to a plain outfit,

necked jumpers look so cute and really match anything everyone should have one
 in there wardrobe.

Boots are so nice and black boots are lovely but now its all about brown as it
isn't as harsh looking. I love timberlands

scarfs are just a real extra thats makes something look twice as good.
hats are great for keeping yourself wanna and stylish

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  1. Utility jackets are very trendy right now, and I love the way they look for fall/winter. Great post!

  2. Necked jumpers or polo are my favourites! They're cozy and perfect for this season :)

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  4. Turtlenecks are becoming so chic these days! I love them!