Sunday, 1 May 2016


Nowadays there are so many trends going on some good some not so good but everyone wants to keep up with them, start their own trend and also keep up to date with all of them. Well don't worry I'm here help keep reading to see the big trends for this summer.

First trend that is hitting it big in the shops right now is high wasted bikinis . I personally like the look of these as they pull your stomach in . They were very big in the 1950s and now they are back hitting it big . I see them in all shops and in magazines and they make people's body look so curvy .curvy .

Another popular item that is coming into the scene at the moment are vintage sunglasses. They are a classic look and there are two main styles of these glasses and these are circular and then the originals.

Ripped denim is going to be so big this summer as I think we all expected as it has been an ongoing trend all year. Ripped shorts and jackets will be everywhere of the weather is good where you live.(unfortunately not for me)

Next is Bomber jackets. I am seeing these more and more lately and people are really rocking the look and for summer evening they are just perfect to throw on .

Summer staple shoes are Adidas superstars as we all know they are very trendy right now and any sport shoes in general as I know that the superstars are expensive and there are many other alternatives.

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  1. I love the look of high-waisted bikinis, although they would not look the best on me; other people know how to work it. Great post! :)

    1. Yes they really are a classic look. I am sure they would look great on you , I feel the same way myself but you have to think other people don't see you the way you do