Tuesday, 14 April 2015


hey there,
A few days ago my family and I went on a 17km walk. YES this is a long walk and boy was I tired after. We were walking beside a river and it was so beautiful. There was not one single person only horses and cows. I felt so at peace and in awe.

Nowadays people of our generation cannot stop checking there phone for new updates and social media. So from now on I think once a month I will just try to keep away from my phone for the whole day just to see how I can cope. You can join in too if you want, give me your feedback when you do it. Now heres some of the many pictures I took on my camera.
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  1. Beautiful photos! :) It is a bit hard for me to stay away from social media now. I used to have a brick phone where the only entertainment I got was listening to the radio installed on it. Then, once I got a smartphone, I was able to access and get apps such as Instagram, and it's so hard for me to stay away. Over the summer I won't be able to use my electronics much, so I'll try it then.

    xoxo Morning

    1. yes I had a nokia blokia and I only had one game called snakes and that was all now I have a tablet and phone. I also during the summer wont have many electronics so I will have to survive whether I like it or not,