Monday, 20 July 2015


I love my drugstore moisturizers and I find them just as good as high end ones so I thought I would share my favorites  and opinions on them.

                                  Garnier moisture rescue for normal skin
I am a person who likes to feel like my face is smooth and not dry throughout the day. My skin always feels smooth and moist with this product but I don't feel like my face is cakey with it. I like that it doesn't make my skin oily like other creams but you still feel refreshed. This retails at about £3.99.

                           Simple skincare replenishing rich moisturizer 
This is a product that I have used for a long time and have grown to love. My favorite thing about it is that you know the way when you put your moisturizer on your face in some places you can feel it burn, well this doesn't do that at all but cools your skin down. I love simple because you know there products are full of skin nourishing ingredients.

                                        Nivea day cream
This is the last but not least cream. This contains a SPF which is a thing I like to have during summer.  I also find my face feels hydrated because of the almond oil in which it contains. I find the packaging cute also.

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  1. OH MY GOSH. I love Garnier. It's perfect because I'm broke and it's made well.