Thursday, 4 June 2015


hey :)

Here is my tmi tag so hope you enjoy.
1. what are you wearing?
     I am currently wearing black jeans black top and a flannel.
2. ever been in love?
   Yes this amazing guy called food.
3. ever had a terrible breakup?
4  how tall are you?
    5.4ft I think about that
5 any tattoos or piercing?
    I have no tattoos and I just have the main earring hole thingy.
6  otp?
   tronnor which is troye and connor
   Jamber which is josh and amber on neighbors

7  favorite TV show?
   I am not a big tv person but I love big bang theory and neighbors. I am more of a youtube person.
   5SOS, kodaline or the script.
things you miss?
  People and being stress free.
10 how old are you?
     14 years old 15 this year
11 zodiac sign
12 Quality you look for in a partner?
   honest, kind and funny
13  Favorite quote?
14  Loud or soft music?
       depends on my mood.
15  Turn on?
16  Turn off?
       bad teeth
17  Reason I joined blogger?
     I loved the community and reading blogs 
18  Fears?
     death and alleyways
 19 Last show you watched?
      big bang theory like five minutes ago.
20 Place you want to visit?
     new York city mainly Manhattan
21 Do you have a crush?
    not specifically
22 Last time you kissed someone?
    Last Friday...
23  Last sport you played?
       camoige which is an Irish sport
23 Favorite chat up line?
     are you google because you have got everything I am searching for
24    Who should answer these next?
            sunsets and sundays
                   the watermelon club

                    the glam cornerxo


Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed this took me a long time to write because of all the different fonts and sizes so please could you follow my journey and share with friends thank you so much have a great day. Also can we reach 40 followers and I promise if we do I will make an instagram account.


  1. Cute outfit. :)
    The answer to #2! X'D

    That's an awesome quote. :)

  2. thank you so much for tagging me <3 ill do it sometime next week cute outfite ;)

  3. It was nice getting to know you in this post! It looks like so much fun to do.
    Lovely outfit! x