Saturday, 21 March 2015


 Instagram: A lot of young girls lately and boys! have been posting look-books and ootd on instagram. They make up accounts to show off there style. They just take pictures for fashion inspiration basically.
But what I only recently found out was that they get payed. They also get sent free clothes to advertise.
Its really easy to sign up as well.
 you just fill in the first three.

Car boot sale: If your american its basically a " garage sale" I just said that in a really bad american accent.
So basically if there is a local market every week or so or maybe outside your house,you can just sell old stuff you dont want. This is how you can make lots of money fast.

Tutor: If your maybe good at an instrument or a subject like English or math charge people for an hour. Put flyers up in your school or community hall.

Cupcakes: Just sell cupcakes or homemade whatever people love buying fresh food so make sure it doesn't give any food poisoning to anyone.

Thank you or reading I hope it helped even a little. Leave suggestions in the comments and don't forget to follow me for more.

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  1. These are some good ideas! I saw that Instagram recently started paying people--pretty cool. :)

    1. thanks! I have seen it also its not fair

  2. Hey,
    That was a really interesting pos. You told us a lot about the options for get more money and without asking your parents for more pocket money.
    I'm a tutor. At my school it's a project where older students (like me) help younger ones in little groups groups. Sometimes it can be pretty hard to teach, because my group is out of 4 little boys and me. Haha XD
    In the summer it also can be really useful to have a summer job (holiday job. Sometimes you can applicate in several sectors for one.

    1. thank you im happy you enjoyed it, I really wanna tutor but we don't have a facility like that. I like to just walk my old neighbours dog as my parents wont give me pocket money because they believe I should work for it :/ oh well

  3. Beautiful blog you have!! Some awesome suggestions:)
    I really wanna start being more independent and earn some pocket money for myself...
    Have you ever thought of earning money through blogging?
    Love your blog xx

    1. Yes I also wanna become more independent with my money. I have considered earning money through blogging although I think I wanna grow my blog a bit more if you earn money off blogging could you message me more information about it