Saturday, 24 January 2015


 DISCLAIMER: I do ware a uniform to school but I didn't put it on for privacy reasons. I just wore my own normal clothes.

First thing I do after an impossible struggle to get out of my bed at 7:20 in the morning is to go put on my uniform. It takes about ten minutes for me to put on mine don't know about you. I wash and moisturize my face with the brand simple. Next thing I do is my hair.I normally just tie it up in a ponytail. I only spend about two minutes on my hair as I go to an all girls school so there's nobody to impress.


I then make my way down the stairs and pour myself some cereal and orange juice. This is about the only
free time before school so I just flick through my phone then.

After eating I go upstairs brush my teeth I don't ware makeup to school as we are not allowed and I just grab my school bag and head out the door at 8:15 to a world of stress and boring crap with all my good friends.

                                                                    ART IS RISK

Making an instagram soon!!! Wanna be friends comment below. Suggestions also greatly appreciated. 


  1. I wear a uniform to school as well. I usually wake up at 6:30 which is rather annoying. I loved that last picture by the way.

    1. I hate waring a uniform. One of my friends gets up at 4.30 which I think is impossible. Thank u just had to take a snap.

  2. I like picture with the sunset :) . I recently just started a blog

  3. Hi dear, life is stress and routine. Nice to read your day routine. Mine is very similar, even if I ended school few years ago! It's the same story always =)