Saturday, 21 March 2015


 Instagram: A lot of young girls lately and boys! have been posting look-books and ootd on instagram. They make up accounts to show off there style. They just take pictures for fashion inspiration basically.
But what I only recently found out was that they get payed. They also get sent free clothes to advertise.
Its really easy to sign up as well.
 you just fill in the first three.

Car boot sale: If your american its basically a " garage sale" I just said that in a really bad american accent.
So basically if there is a local market every week or so or maybe outside your house,you can just sell old stuff you dont want. This is how you can make lots of money fast.

Tutor: If your maybe good at an instrument or a subject like English or math charge people for an hour. Put flyers up in your school or community hall.

Cupcakes: Just sell cupcakes or homemade whatever people love buying fresh food so make sure it doesn't give any food poisoning to anyone.

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Saturday, 14 March 2015


 Hello there today I'm going to be doing my night routine for school.

First thing I do when I get home at about 4.30 is change into some comfy clothes. I find I concentrate better if I'm comfortable. I then just start my homework. A bottle of water is a must for me when doing homework because I just get so thirsty and it helps me procrastinate.

When I have finished my homework I watch my favorite program which is neighbors. I'm not a one for soaps but I just got addicted. Usually then I have dinner. After dinner I head to my room with my green tea which I love, and start watching youtube,reading blogs and reading a book. I am currently reading girl online at the moment and I love it. I also put on my uggs. Even though I'm not a big fan of uggs to be honest I use them as slippers around the house.

My nightly essentials

I then just go to bed when I start to get tired which is around 11 but sometimes later if I feel energetic.

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Sunday, 8 March 2015


Hey there its Mariosa

                                So yesterday morning I headed to Dublin for a day trip. We arrived at about 11.30 which is good considering Dublin is hours away from where I am from. I get so exited just being part of the buzz and just sight seeing even though I'm from Ireland. I knew there was a good shopping day in store.

We headed for the popular streets to spend a bit of money because that's all I really do anyway. We saw many street acts which I enjoyed and homeless people which makes me sad but one man went over to a homeless man and gave him his lunch which warmed my heart. I also saw swans which came very close to humans. In Dublin I noticed there is a lot of old building and churches which makes it a good place for photographers. I past some lovely little cafes but we decided we needed some proper filling food. I also went into many shops like vans , Disney store because I love Disney , American apparel.

I also went to lush which was my first time and I really enjoyed it and there will be a post on that soon. After we had hit all the high streets we went to Stevens green shopping center which has beautiful architecture. I love how is glass and there is gigantic clocks. I got an Oreo and Malteser ice cream even though it was kinda cold out! I saw some cool building and statues in the middle of streets which was really unique.

Overall I had a great day and cant wait to go back again. Thank you for reading to here I hope you have a great day and don't forget to press the follow button because this is a roller coaster that's only going up.

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